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Член Артреестра – Алексей Шалаев – стал победителем Всемирного реестра искусств!!!

Дата: 29.09.2010
Тема: Новости "АРТРЕЕСТРА"

Дорогие участники и друзья Артреестра!

Продюсерский центр АРТРЕЕСТРА рад сообщить Вам, что один из самых активных членов Артреестра – Алексей Шалаев – стал победителем Всемирного реестра искусств (G-FAR)  в номинации "ХУДОЖНИК МЕСЯЦА". Кропотливые усилия увенчались успехом...


Теперь в течение месяца его сертифицированные в реестре искусств произведения  будут представлены на главной странице Всемирного реестра.

Информация о российском художнике будет передоваться во всех новостных лентах G-FAR и участвовать в мировой рассылке Всемирного реестра.

Мы искренне поздравляем российских художников с нашей общей победой!

Art Reestr - Art Registry of Russian Artists

ART REESTR, Art Registry

Fine Art Registry® welcomes ART REESTR (translated "Art Register") of Russia to our world registry of artists. We are pleased to introduce our new Russian artist members and we look forward to working together to help protect, promote, and showcase Art Reestr artists worldwide. Art Reestr of Russia was granted exclusive rights to the Fine Art Registry system and we have been working closely together to assist artists who take seriously the importance of making a permanent record of their body of work in Russia and in other countries, just as we are working to do the same in the U.S. the UK and other countries worldwide.

Alexander Osipov, an accomplished visual artist in his own right, and the Director of Art Reestr, states:

"International practice shows - the existence of a registered painting certificate increases not only the value of the work of art but the cost of the product! The unique Russian organization, Art Reestr – is a registry of authors and works of art. Art Reestr represents and promotes its members on the global art market. Art Reestr provides comprehensive care, assists and supports its members both on creative and commercial levels. Art Reestr offers a full system of protection of intellectual property and copyright. On September 2010 Art Reestr became an official partner of Fine Art Registry. The companies concluded a partnership agreement and now Art Reestr possesses the exclusive rights to represent each other in Russia and U.S. markets respectively."

As we work with Art Reestr, we will continue to introduce artists from around the globe, the first of which is Alexey Shalaev, our featured artist for the month of September. The collaboration between Fine Art Registry and Art Reestr is the first of its kind and solid beginning of a worldwide standard for the permanent registration of contemporary artists on a global level. Art Reestr affords Russian artists and artists in other countries the ability to affordably and permanently record their body of work for posterity, with the added benefits of effective global marketing and sales.

To learn more about Art Reestr and the services it provides to artists in Russian and abroad, please visit their web site: www.artreestr.org

Art Reestr Certificate with Fine Art Registry FAR® ID Tag details, for Russian artist, Alexey Shalaev
Art Reestr Certificate with Fine Art Registry FAR® ID Tag details, for Russian artist, Alexey Shalaev's Roses « Creme de le Creme »

Alexey Shalaev - Art Reestr Artist & Fine Art Registry® Featured Artist

Alexey Shalaev, Art Reestr and Fine Art Registry artist

Art Reestr and FAR® registered artist, Alexey Shalaev, was born in Moscow in 1966. He studied electronic automation systems at the Moscow Aviation Institute, but a strong passion for painting in the early 90's led him to a teacher Moscow Industrial College of Art (former Stroganov) Alexander Skvortsov. Since 1992, he participated in exhibitions in Paris and Prague (Gallery "Rapid", "On Tseletnoy"). Engaged in design of outdoor advertising and publishing. Since 1997, exhibitions in Moscow. Since 2004, member Moscow Regional Union of Community Artists and The International Art Fund.

The artist works with equal success in different genres, but the favorite theme is the urban landscape. Recreating the look of old Moscow, Alexey Shalaev relies on knowledge of history and architecture of the city. Looking at paintings Alexei Shalaev, you find yourself in the past. Familiar from childhood cozy Moscow streets and squares seem, somehow, even lovelier and more beautiful. Warm glow of lanterns, fancy breaks shadows on the pavement, stately buildings and bent tree branches, waiting for the rain... It seems that you hear now the clatter of horses’ hoofs and rattle of the first tram - so realistically painted urban landscapes. O. Gappasova.

To learn more about his exhibits and collection see his Fine Art Registry portfolio at: www.fineartregistry.com/portfolio/shalaev

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